Privacy Policy

GDPR and Stage Organizer

Stage Organizer is a secure tool that helps festivals, venues and touring bands to communicate regarding all preproduction and give a transparent view of what is agreed on during preproduction, to see that we agree on the same things, show technical specs both for the venue and the band.

We collect personal information (i.e. name, e-mail address, telephone number) from the local festival staff and managements, agents and touring staff members for each specific festival or venue.

Any personal information you provide to us thru email, riders, and crew lists are stored on our secure servers during the preproduction and duration of each festival.

All information we have about you, you can view under "artist production staff", or if you are a local staff member - under each "stage and Local Crew"

If you don't want to be accessible in our registers during the festival and someone else can be your point of contact, please contact us on

and we will securely delete your information right away.

The only reason we store this info is to be able to communicate with you and to invite you to Stage Organizer so you can view in a transparent way, all around the festival from technical specs, drawings, maps, dressing rooms and hotel bookings.

We keep record of contact information in Stage Organizer so each department can communicate and make sure all parts of the festivals runs as smooth as possible.

Your personal information will not be shared with anyone.

We will not sell, rent or share your contact information with others for them to send you unsolicited email.

Stage Organizer never sends out emails with commercial content. We only send out personal invites to people direct involved in the preproduction of the current festival.

All data about you will be deleted in a secure way 3 month after the festival is over.

We do not keep any records of personal information or contact information after three (3) months.

Every festival is a brand new empty sheet for us, just to protect your personal information.