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Stage Organizer is a ground breaking advancing tool for professionals working with both small and large-scale events and festivals.
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Shared Workflow

Shared Workflow

Everyone in the organization, from managers to technicians as well as artists, can access and share the information through a web browser. With a unique permission level for every user, only the relevant information is visible or editable.

Quick Advancing

Quick Advancing

With user accounts, easily made through the admin module, artists and their management can view the information you have advanced. This speeds up the advancing, and everyone can be sure the other party knows what has been agreed upon.

Economic Overview

Economic Overview

You can set your own rental prices for all products in the database, as well as specify the different costs of all parts of the Artist Service. This way, both you and the artists get a clear grasp on the cost related to the performance, and the distribution of it between you.

Printable Reports

Printable Reports

Making reports is a breeze. Through the report module you can print the information you need. You can get print-outs of everything from the "artists power need" to their "towel need". All to make your event and organization run as smooth as possible.

What Is Stage Organizer?

Stage Organizer is the ground breaking, super-awesome tool for those who work with both small and large-scale productions.
A tool for those who have limited time to make big events run smoothly. We all know how time consuming, complicated and frustrating excel sheets can get, and how we spend countless hours organizing logistics for our live shows and events. Now you can experience the new, easy and fast way to organize Bands, Backlines, FOH gear, Lights, Production Power, Vehicles, Catering and Dressing Rooms all in one place. It's all there in Stage Organizer!
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An Introduction To Stage Organizer

In this Short video, long time Production Manager Urban Näsvall walks you through some of the features of Stage Organizer. Be sure to checkout the rest of the Stage Organizer screencasts
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Said About Stage Organizer

"Many, many thanks for having us, from band and crew. If all festivals were so well organised and so welcoming to artists, my life in the summer would be easy! Please send our thanks to all of your team. Every area was excellent. And I love Stage Organizer!"
Chris Taplin, TM The Darkness
"Stage Organizer is the best in the business – brilliantly done. This is an application every production company needs."
George Marshall, TM Twisted Sister
"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Stage Organizer. Out of all of the festivals I have done in Europe, Sweden Rock was by far one of the, if not, the best! Seamless!! Hopefully we can do it again soon."
Robert Long, PM Mötley Crüe

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