Stage Organizer is a web-based advancing and event planning/handling tool. But it's also so much more than that. Although primarily geared towards festivals, you could as easily use Stage Organizer for smaller one-off events or a continous event, like a rock-club

This is Stage Organizer

A Huge Database Of Products

test With Stage Organizer you can add all the gear you need from our pre-populated product database. In the database you will find the most commonly used gear in the Rock n' Roll business, and more! Everything from the newest Digital Consoles and Moving Heads to vintage Slingerland Snares and Chain Hoists, it's already there in Stage Organizer, easy to find and browse through. If there's something more you need, you just add it to the database and it's stored for your next use! The more you add, the more selections you have

Artist & Crew Accounts

test Stage Organizer is divided into two parts. The admin section and the artist section. Since Stage Organizer is a web-based application, everyone in the crew will be able to find all your preparations just by logging into the site. Same goes for artists. When they log in they'll see an individual artist page where they can review the all the information you have agreed upon.

Even more features...

  • Economic Summaries for each individual bands’ extra needs.
  • User friendly reporting interface for easy-to-understand information readouts.
  • Tiered access for all working members of the festival, you decide how much they can change.
  • Individual artist login pages where they can review information about themselves in your festival.
Artist Dashboard

The Admin Section

The Stage Organizer Admin Section is where you and your crew add and organize all info about your event. It's only accessable by you and the crew you invite to it. The Admin Sections is devided into several parts. You will find a brief description about them below. For a more detailed walkthrough of the Admin Section we recommend checking out the screencasts.

Production Office

This section is where you manage your crew and their Stage Organizer accounts. The Product Database is also found here as well as general settings for your event.


Here is where you’ll manage the running order or calendar, depending on your event settings.


The Stages section lists all the stages of your event. Here’s where you can rename and customize your stages, add gear and so on.


Here is where you add and edit all artists for your event. This section is split into three categories. Artist Info, Artist Technical and Artist Service.


This is where you create, edit and manage Transportation, Dressing Rooms, Hotels, Guest Lists and Catering.


From here you can generate a multitude of pdf-reports ready for print.

The Artist Section

The Stage Organizer Artist Section is where all artists land when they login. Once logged in, they will be able to review everything that has been said and decided about their performance at the event. For a more detailed description of this section we recommend checking out the screencasts.
Event Info

This section is where the artists will find general info about your event. Like contact info, venue and office location and coordinates. The Running Order is also found here.

Stage/House Specs

Here they will be able to review all specs belonging to the stage they will be performing on. Everything from FOH-console to microphones.

Artist Info

This section contains info about the artists performance. Date of performance, start & load in times etc. Here they will also find an economic summary and dates/times of media & meet and greet sessions.

Technical Production

This section contains all the specific details about the artists actual show at your event. Vehicle power, backline rentals, local crew, stage hands. All that stuff is found here.


The hospitality section contains, among other things, info about Transportation, Dressing Rooms, Hotels, Guest Lists and Catering.


From here the artists can generate a variety of pdf-reports ready for print.

Browser & Device Requirements

Stage Organizer is built to work on your desktop and the iPad with the following browsers:

Chrome Browser Safari Browser Firefox Browser Internet Explorer Browser
* Safari: v. 6.0 > | firefox: version 14.0.1 > | chrome: Version 21.0.1180.89 > | Internet Explorer: v. 9 >